Julia Losfelt Buffeting Us So Nicely With Her Quiet Storm

Julia LosfeltJulia Losfelt hinted at a new EP just a few weeks ago, and ever since then I’ve been salivating at the super chill beats and vocals that always accompany a Losfelt production. Tpo have an EP, though, is just one of those things that when they drop you feel like it’s Christmas. But then I saw that there were remixes involved, and like surprise presents that materialized under the tree while you were sleeping, Dream Koala, and the homies Stwo, and Bear//Face materialized with remixes.

You know of the track ‘Away’ from HERE, but the other two original tracks are some great chilled strains of synthy atmosphere, lilting vocals and a sense of darkness even in the midst of the beauty. Not an insidious darkness, mind, but rather one of emotion and feeling, as we all have laying inside us like glowing ember in the bottom of a pile of ashes.

Then come the remixes. The tracks from Bear//Face, and Stwo are just so tasty that I had to choose their remixes to post and leave Dream Koala’s off. It’s really hard for me to leave any tracks off, but I have to tease you with something so that you’ll visit the page and purchase, right? Right? So make me sleep better tonight and do go purchase the EP, cool?

Up Today by Julia Losfelt

Quiet Storm by Julia Losfelt

Julia Losfelt – Up Today (Stwo Remix) by stwo

Julia Losfelt – Up Today (Bear//Face Remix) by BEΛR//FVCE

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