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Hellfyre ClubDorner vs. Tookie is the third rap compilation album from the L.A. rap record label Hellfyre Club. It’s got a huge cast of heavy-hitters involved with its production, overseen by Busdriver as Executive Producer. He has several feature songs and verses on the compilation, and is often joined by Mike Eagle, Milo, and several other rappers on the other tracks.

A fateful beat-making session with Mike Parvizi and Jonathan Stein recording live on guitar and bass with the later addition of verses from Busdriver and Nocando. This heater is the collaboration of dopeness that got me tuned into this compilation in the first place.

I would post the whole album if I could, but it’s a huge one. 17 tracks strong and they’re all serious TUNES. I highly recommend giving this whole thing a download straight into the library, so go ahead and grab it HERE and keep tabs on Hellfyre Club’s soundcloud and twitter.

FlashBangGrenada x PapiSegalStein – Pet Alligators by KennySegal

Posted By: Morgan Galvanix

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