Jailo Gives Us That Good Tenang

The Dutch have been doing some big things lately.  Whether it is Jeftuz getting that Soulection bump, or Ganz being a general bad-ass, there has been some great things coming from the Netherlands and people are starting to take notice.  Although, not enough notice, but notice all the same.  So now we have this dude out of the Netherlands by the name of Jailo and his new EP dropping off of the Passing Tones label.  In the two tracks he has he showcases that wonky synth with 808’s percolating like a shook up soda can and the bass, oohhh the bass.  The tunes always seem to revolve around the sub-busting bass, yet doesn’t rely on the bass to be the only aspect fo the track to stand out.  The production gives you enough to enjoy while your ass is sweepin the floor and your knees are groaning from the exertion (ok maybe that last part is just me).

The fact that the two Jailo originals are accompanied by remixes from the man G Jones, and Subp Yao (with one on the way from BoeBoe)  makes this EP one of those must haves for any DJ or any consumer who just likes their bass a lot.

Cop the EP (HERE), and give Jailo (Soundcloud, Facebook) a follow.  He’s got big things coming it is plain to see.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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