Invent Pairs KRS-One and Kid Daytona Perfectly

You all know we dig on our hip hop, and you all know we don’t post enough of it, but y’know, we’ll do a better job of it in the future! Here is an attempt at being better in this arena. This threesome of tunes (2 originals, and 1 remix) bring together rap legend KRS-One with new school Kid Daytona providing the lyrics and flows, while Invent lays down the decidedly throw-back beat and production. It harkens back to a day of rope chains, parachute pants, and cardboard mats on sidewalks. A day before my time, but such an important time for hip hop as a music genre and more importantly as a culture. KRS-One being a part of this bridges that gap between old and new school as well and shows that if Kid Daytona was alive and spitting back in the olden days, he’d still be right at home.

Then, we have the remix of Hey You by Lunice. Replacing the old school production with new school bounce that bumps in a minimal way, you realize you don’t need walls of synths and a twister mat sized beat machine to make a thumpin’ track. The second original employs the spacey production of Invent and provides a backdrop of noises not always accompanied by a rapper the quality of Kid Daytona.

And if you’re a vinyl head, there will be 300 pressed for a limited release. So grab these tunes, enjoy and cop the tunes for your permanent collection (HERE)

Invent – Hey You (Lunice remix) [UKM 026] by U Know Me Records

Invent feat. The Kid Daytona – Space Stacker [UKM 026] by U Know Me Records

Invent feat. KRS-One & The Kid Daytona – Hey You by U Know Me Records

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