Gladkill Is Really What Goes On

Gladkill EPGladkill, just off of releasing a mixtape, and a successful late night set at Art Outside, throws down this 5 track EP of pure synthy and bassy sex, and he’s given it to us all for free.  I’m not sure what drives a man of his ability to produce such awesome stuff and give it to us for free, but I assume it’s his love for his fans and his love for the unfettered proliferation of dope music into the ears of all who are in the listening radius.  And for us, I ain’t mad at that.

The EP at hand, though, is 5 tunes of severely chilled out vibes, but not to the point of needing to rest your chin on your chest.  No, these slow-burn tracks make the candles flicker, the room soften, and the windows a shade darker.  And what you do when these tunes are playing, well that’s between you, your boo, and your annoyed roommate next door trying to get some work done, dammit!

So check these tunes out, grab the EP (HERE) and show Gladkill some love.

Space Travel by Gladkill

What Goes On by Gladkill

Feelin You by Gladkill

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