Gettin Down As Your Sunday Sets

It’s not too late for Sunday Sexy, right? I mean sure, you’ve lazed away the day, and the sunlight has already warmed you under your covers twice over now, and you’ve actually gotten up and been somewhat productive…if brunch followed by park shenanigans are considered productive (I tend to think they are!). But now it’;s time to wind down. Do the more mundane of tasks, like laundry, shaving or last minute homework. You could use some chill jams in your headphones now and whether or not you can handle with the loveliness and still get your work done, well that’s on you.

The tracks here, though are from the homey Sevnth Wonder, an inbox submission from Murder Beach, and a tune from the always solid Hanami.

You know SevnthWonder by now if you read this blog, but if not, he’s a dude that’s steady poppin the remixes and originals and has a pretty sexy Sunday series of his own that produces ammo for us here at Waxhole every damned week. He’s also a good dude so yeah that makes it easier to enjoy his tunes.

Murder Beach, is usually a nu disco, indie dance sounds, but this Flume inspired tune has really got me jammin on this Sunday evening and I hope he continues his foray into the sexy jams genre.

Hanami comes at us with some really fine production on this Hayden James remix, and shows why this new addition to Project:Mooncircle label belongs with that stellar cast.

You (Original Mix) by Murder Beach

Donell Jones – Life Goes On (SevnthWonder’s Classic OG Remix) by SevnthWonder

Hayden James – No Time (Hanami Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Hanami (Offical)

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