GANZ Givin’ Us A Big Ol’ Purple Cwtch

If you guys don’t know GANZ yet, well I suggest you get to know sharpish. The dude from Holland has been steady progressing his game and steady dropping the hot fire this past year and I’m loving every bit of it. I first heard of him from the great Saturate Records label and while I wasn’t with his stuff since the very beginning I was there early enough to see that talent peeking through the curtains of the faceless producers out there trying to be heard.

So this EP of his, off of Terrorhythm Recordings is one of those three tune EP’s that plays just so much larger than the small package would indicate. Going full into the Purple vibe, this isn’t your grandma’s Purple. This is straight up bouncing, future beat shit. There are some synth lines that paint the purply picture of soft lighting, fluffy white sheets, and getting lost in the pillows. But the EP as a whole shoehorns some really massive sounds and makes them so sexy. Not really sure how he does it, but I do know that I really really love it.

So yeah check out the EP, go grab it (HERE), and show GANZ some love!

Ganz – Get One’s by terrorhythm

Ganz – Pvrple Forest by terrorhythm

Ganz – It’s All Good by terrorhythm

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