Galimatias Kills That Phoenix

After only being introduced to Danish producer Galimatias just a few days ago, he’s quickly becoming one of favorites. He’s one of those rare producers who doesn’t have a single dull track in his catalog, I’ve since found myself constantly listening to his stuff on repeat. Especially his latest remix of fellow Scandinavian duo KIll J’s track, “Phoenix”. He keeps the delicate ambience of the original, while also including subtle nuances of his own to make the track soar. He accentuates pieces of the vocals, making them sound like soft cries and lays it gently over piano and a slow, rocking beat. The result is a dreamy, r&b influenced lullaby that drifts you in and out of consciousness. The original track by KIll J is wonderful so it would take the ambitious kind to make a remix, but Galimatias does a lovely job. And those beautiful vocals, dang!

Make sure to head over to Galimatias’ bandcamp and pick up the 3 EP’s he has for sale and grab this remix for FREE on a Danish music blog compilation of solely Danish electronic artists.  Follow Galimatias on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud to keep up with the latest. And KIll J?  Keep an eye on them as well.  They are about to take off soon. Like a big fiery bird.
KIll J – Phoenix (Galimatias Remix) by Galimatias

Phoenix by KIll J

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