One of the strangest happenings over this past weekend was the saga of Mike P, from Penthouse Penthouse. At a warehouse party where Mr. Carmack was dropping his style of dirtyfilthy beat bombs, the police raided and broke up the party. Mike went back in to get his gear, or as it’s otherwise known, his LIVELIHOOD, and was promptly arrested, processed and all that bullshit. So now, we have mounting legal fees and a musician in dire need.

And what did the community around him do, but band together to throw some of their own work into a compilation album for the cause. All proceeds go to these legal fees and freeing Mike to continue to do what he does best and what we all have appreciated from him…make music.

This compilation is just too massive to detail each track singularly, even though they all deserve mention. But some of our absolute favorites have dropped tunes and some dudes we’ve not always posted but have always admired.  I cannot stress enough how much you need to listen to this beast.

Three tunes below, but believe me when I say that the entire 22 tracks (!) are worthy of not only your listening, but of your patronage. Let’s get Mike back in the studio with our donations. $5 (or more!) was never more well-spent than right here, and right now.

Auto (Djemba Djemba & King Henry Remix) by king henry



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