Floating On Mereki’s Blue Lake With Easy Girl

Guys, Easy Girl keeps killing remixes.  I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but yeah he’s steady killing ’em. This one of Mereki’s tune Blue Lake will be featured on her official remixes release and for Easy Girl, it’s just another successful remix in a long line of them (latest example).

Taking the original tune that flows at a slow pace that utilizes Mereki’s voice and a bit of guitar as the backing synths drive the tune forward, Easy Girl grabs the track by the ear, hops on his bike and yanks it down the street in the only way he knows how. Trap elements, vocal chops, and pristine production give this tune that fit perfectly in a coffee shop or bookstore one of those kicks in the ass that turned it into a building, driving tune that gets you hyped up enough to run through a brick wall or slam down your coffee mug and bust out of your office door knocking interns over on your way out the door to start your weekend early, because why the fuck not!

Easy Girl’s rise in popularity partly hinges on the subjects he’s remixed, but it’s also in large part for the treatments the style and the general badassitude he brings to any tune. So give him a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook) and enjoy all of his past works!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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