Eagles For Hands, Last Japan & Rick Grant Playing For You

For those who will be needing a respite from the family drama on turkey day, or need something to rouse you from your TurComa or for our lovely overseas readers who don’t understand why us Yanks have one specific day to gorge ourselves on turkey for no other reason than to prelude the insanity surrounding Idiocracy Day (or Black Friday for everyone else).  But what we have for everyone that isn’t preoccupied, is a great event thrown by the dudes of TrailerTV (HERE).  The show is a renegade set up, in the back of a truck, or lorrie, where the artists throw down a set and the great thing for us not in that side of London, well we get to tune in live!  Think Boiler Room, except without the awkward dancing people in the background, and if it wasn’t in a dimly lit, black and white club, but brightly colored back of a truck.  Now this isn’t a gimmick where they drive around London picking up passersby or being in a secret invite only location.  It is what it is and it looks dope!

So now that we’ve got the concept out of the way, let’s talk about the artists that will be performing at this particular gig tomorrow: Last Japan and Eagles For Hands.  You know we love them both, if you’ve followed the blog for any amount of time, and now they’ll be together and for all of us to watch live and online.   Add in a pretty dope house producer in Rick Grant (check his newest EP) and it’s the icing on quite the awesome cake.

So join us here at Waxhole in watching these guys, 6 time zones away, but all such a great bit of music.

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