Cymbalik Gets That Headnodik So Good

Cymbalik’s new album off of Damn Son is aptly named Headnodik, because it makes you do just that. Noddin’ the head whether you’re on the train, at work, or at the house doin homework, this is a perfect soundtrack for whatever normal people do on a random Wednesday night. And y’know what, listening to this stuff makes you a little extraordinary because you, at that moment, are listening to something that is almost always going to top whatever someone else is listening to at that moment.  When we were first introduced to Cymbalik ahead of a gig with the Denver fam, I was blown away by not only the remixes he had done, but also of the quality of the artists he chose.  From The Submarines to Citizen Cope to Jurassic 5 he was picking out some really great artists who had made some tunes that I had jammed ad infinum in their day.  Probably was a reason why I connected with his music so easily and quickly.

Sample-based beats are always good, and when done right, well they can not only transport you to the dusty times that the dusty sample brings to you, but modernizes it to a degree that you’re watching a hip historical diorama play out right in front of your eyes. But lest you, oh hater of all things old and dusty, think that this is a static beat with old people talking, or strains of crooners crooning about dames and applejack, well you’re sadly mistaken. It’s a great blend of samples and original production to never give away how much of what is included.

You know we like to give you a taste of an album and have you go sample it and procure it by any means necessary (but preferably by supporting the artist), so in that spirit, have at these three tunes below as just a sampling of the goodness included in the album. Follow Cymbalik (Soundcloud, Twitter) too, while you’re at it, and the homies at Damn Son as well, if you haven’t already.

Una Rosa Desecha Por El Viento by Cymbalik

Find Yourself by Cymbalik

Summertime by Cymbalik

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