Chill Out to the Heavy Mellow Sounds of Evv

Evv (Soundcloud, Facebook) is a Boston-based producer with mellow vibes that could literally soothe the soul of a rabid raccoon. He calls his style “Heavy Mellow” and rightfully so. With accents on reverb, deep pitch-bending kicks, and melodically-layered vocals, how could you not dig it?

The track is called Vibr8, and it was recently featured on the Trippy Turtle Diplo & Friends mix we heard earlier this year. It will leave you wanting more of this unique sound, and although he only has two tracks on his soundcloud, I would keep Evv on your list of producers to watch this upcoming year. 2014 seems like it could be a key year for future, melodic beats. And this is exactly what Evv delivers, and then some.

As a bonus, check out his quick cover of Aaliyah’s classic tune ‘Try Again’

Posted By: amplicity

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