Chiefs Shakin That Reign Dance

Chiefs (Soundcloud, Facebook) has just recently hit my radar, with the incredibly sex-tinged tune ‘Give It To You’ that dropped a few months ago.  That tune, reminding me of something Serge Gainsbourg would produce, was one of those that wasn’t the first tune in the arsenal, but it announced his presence with authority.  Remixing had been his forte, then the originals started coming in and signaling something quite good and quite promising.  Then almost two weeks ago the EP dropped off of Die High records out of Perth, and it was solidified that Chiefs is one of those producers who will keep dropping the gems on the regular.

So the EP at hand, ‘Reign Dance’, is a nice pun, but y’know it makes you want to do just that; Dance. It spans so many genres and vibes that whatever you like, you finally have an album to hold onto. Whether it’s trap, you have the tune ‘Tsunami or ‘Bullet’. You like the production with vocals, well have at the tunes ‘The City’, and ‘Stay’. You like some hip hop, well have at ‘Shaman’. You get the idea, here, right? While each tune could be termed generically as trap, this EP is so much more than that. The dude’s EP reminds me a lot of Keys N Krates and while this is definitely much different than KnK, it’s still one of those works (like KnK’s EP Lucid Dreams) that signals an introduction to someone who will be bigger in just a short while.

Below are three tunes from the album and a fourth, ‘Stay’ is a great video highlighting Nick Acquroff and his great vocals. You have 4 tunes here to show you how good this EP is, so I’d suggest you get at it and show some love to the dude who will be out there much more in the year to come.

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