CarlingRuse And RuddyP Makin’ Luv

RuddyP and CarlingRuse form one of the coolest Power Couples of the music scene.  There are others like ANDREA and Julia Losfelt, and in the pop EDM  world Leighton from Adventure Club and ol’ girl from Krewella.  But these two make music together that is always a peek into their lives whether playful with their competitions between each other or with this tune here, one of a more intimate variety.  There was a time when Tom Cruise wasn’t batshit crazy and he did a movie with Nicole Kidman called Eyes Wide Shut and everyone thought it was even more steamy because y’know these weren’t two actors going through the motions but actual people with feelings goin at it on screen.  So this tune, is kinda the same thing.  Intimate and a peek into what makes these two go.  Almost to the point of needing to avert your eyes or respect the guy code to leave when things look to be going down.

But as for the tune?  yeah it’s a beaut.  It’s one of those lovesexy type tunes that takes vocals, adds copious amounts of synths and a beat that does nothing but gives you a reference point for how to move your head, or body, and it’s just a class tune all around.  So enjoy this one, respect the feeling and work put into it and then, well, just enjoy it responsibly.  Don’t make it creepy.

Ruddyp & Carling Ruse – Making Luv by Ruddyp

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