Borealis Gives Great Glittervoice

borealis glittervoiceBorealis’s new album Glittervoice off of Origami Sound (HERE)  is one of those albums that has you captivated for the 60+ minutes this album clocks in at and once you’re done you have no idea what has happened in that hour.  But you look down and you’ve finished your essay, or your presentation, or that email you could never finish.  This album grooves so hard, yet doesn’t let you get too carried away with yourself so that you’re mind is fully stimulated without having to go full out freak mode.  Borealis (Soundcloud, Facebook), who might be known to you all as Somfay, is one to enjoy and love because his sound is so immense and so intricate, yet simple that you find something new with every listen.

The album, at 16 tracks, is just way too immense to give you the full taste, but here are three tracks below to give you a sense of what it’s all about.  The tunes range from full out almost techno, to ambient, to straight up ambient house….ahh sod it…I’ll just throw the promo snippet of the album here because it says what I wanted to say…and much better:

Glittervoice is [Jesse] Somfay’s most energetically intense work to date. It is both euphoric and dysphoric and the music itself cannot be pigeonholed into any particular genre – hints of techno, oldschool trance or rave complement each other just to ultimately get lost in an artfully crafted trademark sound. It’s easy to allow this multifaceted, hyperlayered, continuously shapeshifting aural multiverse to deprive you of any form of reason, activate all senses and carry you where no music has before, regardless of where you listen to it. Glittervoice’s 16 tracks encompass everything from visceral warehouse techno to stylish ambient compositions via rapid hypnotic drum loops and trance synths of cosmic proportions, all filtered through his unique etherial aesthetic. 

So yeah, like they say above, get after it because it truly is a wonderful listen from start to glorious finish.  And for 8 quid?  Christmas just came early!

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