Bedrockk With Your Body Exclusive

Bedrockk is a name you’d know if you have followed us since the beginning. Bedrockk was our first interview subject and one of those guys that we instantly clicked with. The music was rad, he was rad and then he went and formed a rad record label, Dirty//Clean. So even though you might not have seen much from Bedrockk through the years on the blog, he’s still been busy and yeah, he’s still rad. So when he mentioned he had a few songs just laying around collecting dust, I figured I’d give ’em a listen to see which ones I dug so I could at least add to my personal stockpile.

This track, though, caught my ear immediately and I just had to make it available to all of you guys as well since I know you’ll all enjoy. The track opens with guitar strums and some synthy atmospheres, and then the snares kick in and you think, ok this is gonna be a bangerang kind of track. Then the vocals hit and the 2 minute mark everything is blended together, and your brain isn’t quite sure what’s happening, but it’s loving it all the same. Genres be damned with this tune and I can totally dig that.

So check out the tune, check out Bedrockk (Soundcloud, Facebook) and show the homey some love!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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