Beats Galore In LA

It’s not often that we do posts about random Friday night shows in cities around the globe, but this show HERE is different.  It’s one of those that brings together some old favorites and some new.  The old favorites, RUMTUM, Esbe and Monster Rally will all be throwing down, while newcomer, Dr. Kananga (Soundcloud, Facebook), comes busting in with a new album and will provide a youthful exuberance to the proceedings.  And as a new member of the dope Shoeboxx Recordings, well we’ll be seeing more of him, that’s for sure! So get to the show and enjoy all of the tasty beats!

Monster Rally has also recently released an album that has gotten rave reviews, and for good reason!  It’s those same laidback, vibing beats that make you feel like you’re in the happiest goddamned field in the whole world.  Modern day Sound of Music shit.  No Monster Rally isn’t July Andrews, and RUMTUM isn’t Baron Von Trapp, or whatever…although I’m going to become a trap producer just so I can use that name as my persona…But yeah Monster Rally…good good stuff.

Esbe, a LA native, will be doin his thing with the dope beats and remixes he always brings to the table. With Monster Rally and RUMTUM, it’d be easy to skip over this talented producer, but DON’T! He’s so very talented and his tunes always bring my head to noddin, even if it is immobilized…hypothetically speaking of course.

And then…we have RUMTUM.  The main man himself.  The man who has beats pon beats coming out of his ears and who is one of those dudes who could turn out a dope beat tape like he was making a sandwich.

So yeah, all 4 dudes are gonna kill it at this show so if you’re in the LA area and are lookin for things to do, check this out.  It’ll be WELL worth your time.

Panther by Monster Rally

9 Get It by rumtum

RightonMidnight by Dr. Kananga

The Bins – Hold On (Esbe Remix) by Esbe

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