Basking In Ylem’s Miracle

Ylem out of Perth, was a dubstep producer, and then he was not.  And not your stereotypical American style dubstep, but really good bass driven dubstep, the way it was intended by the founding fathers. But these three tracks he’s giving away for free because, as he says, they have no home.  Well, we here at Waxhole would like to open our front door, roll out the welcome mat and make a nice piping hot bowl of cider for Ylem and his tracks.

The three tracks below, ‘Bask’, a remix of Lilt’s tune ‘Swim’, and ‘Miracle’ all take from a big bass background of Ylem and includes that, but now instead of the hard charging beats and grinds, he’s got the atmospheric layers to bring you into the chill-out tent and vibe down hard on all things beautiful.  This is not some experimental foray into a new genre, this is a full cannonball splashdown into a wonderful new experience. for the Lilt remix, he uses the wonderful vocals to his advantage and makes them the forefront,as they should be, because well, she’s got a lovely voice, wouldn’t you agree? And for ‘Miracle’, he gets a bit wonky with it. The beat seems to wander off beat a time or two and you think to yerself “awww he’s missed his timing a bit there”…but then you listen further and you realize he’s done it on purpose, just to fuck with your head, and yeah it becomes one of those little wrinkles that make you love the tune even more.

So get to know the man, the music and give him a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook) and lets all enjoy where he takes us next!

Bask by YLEM

Lilt – Swim (Ylem Remix) by YLEM

Miracle by YLEM

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