Ztargaze’s Glimpse

Ztargaze GlimpseIt’s a known fact that we here at Waxhole love our beats. We love them funky, we love them chill, and we definitely love them futuristic and a little bit wonky. So when this producer out of Romania first came to our notice via the good dudes of Damn Son, well we were very intrigued. We unwittingly posted another track from the EP and that set the tone for the goodness to come.

The tune, ‘Glimpse’, which opens the EP is one of those lush pieces of work that takes you under its spell wherever you might be when it comes on. It’s atmospheric, with just the right amount of drums and beats to not lull you to sleep. The great synth work that overlays the atmosphere also keeps your melodic ear tuned in for what is up around the corner.

Enjoy this tune, cop that EP, and show Ztargaze some love! (Soundcloud, Facebook)

Glimpse by Ztargaze

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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