Weekend of Festivals Is Upon Us!

Festival season is over you say? Well not quite. Here in Texas we have a few festivals that will be attended by Waxhole this weekend and one in a few weeks by the name of FunFunFun Fest, the smaller, less pretentious (and hopefully less wet) festival in Austin. The two fests this weekend, though are Art Outside, a camping fest north of Austin, and Index Fest a newly formed festival in the music center of Dallas. You have seen the chatter about Art Outside, with the tickets giveaway and the dope mix from Libations & Oscillations, and Index Fest features our favorite Whales, those of the Bronze persuasion. Among other notables, El-P, one of my favorite rappers/producers will be there, as will P.O.S. and Ishi among many others. We will have coverage of that festival, so follow our Instagram and Twitter if you want to follow along.

But most of Waxhole HQ will be at the Art Outside Festival, north of Austin in the wilderness where yoga, arts, and dope music reside side by side. It’s a “Burner Festival” if you wanna be dismissive or glib, but it’s more than that. it’s more of a gathering of a family all tied to each other by music. This festival is always so closely tied to what we at Waxhole love in our music and this year is no different. From our homies Ishi, One4All, Psymbionic, DRRTYWULVZ, and Brede, to friends of the blog like Thriftworks, The Polish Ambassador, Nit Grit, and Gladkill, to those artists who fly at a different height like Kalya Scintilla, Desert Dwellers, Zion I and Bluetech, this festival has got it all.

So enjoy a few tunes from the artists below, check out that dope mix from L&O and follow along if you can’t be there too. If you are there as well, come say hello!

Terminally Chill by Thriftworks

Birds of Paradise-Wingspan (Album Mix) by Birds Of Paradise

2. Basement Dub by Bluetech

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