TYR’s Loving It In Banks’s Eyes

Ok this track here is such a confluence of awesomeness, it’s hard to contain myself.  First off, we have Banks, that sexy sexy voice covering Peter Gabriel (an all-time favorite of mine) and his song In Your Eyes (an all-time favorite song of an all-time favorite musician).  Then as if that all wasn’t cool enough, TYR (Soundcloud, Facebook), the homey out of Boulder, CO who is responsible for so many awesome remixes that have been featured on the blog, put his mitts on the tune and remixed it in a tropical bass kind of way.  Making the song lilt and bang alternately with Banks’s vocals and TYR’s own production, this tune has you groovin without knowing and it’s one that will get everyone in the place moving.  if they don’t, their feet are either nailed to the floor or they’re clinically dead.

Whatever the case, grab the tune, and enjoy.  And show TYR some love for getting this conflagration of awesome going.

BANKS – In Your Eyes (TYR Remix) by TYR

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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