Tanko Is Perfect For The Times (Waxhole Exclusive)

Tanko Reflect The TimesWhen Tanko came to us from the depths of our Submission Inbox, it was one of those exciting things to hear goodness issue forth from the submitted Soundcloud link. I mean, we have set the bar a little low, only because what we get is mostly either out of the genre’s we mostly post, or straight out booty (and not the good kind), so when we get a win, we get excited, yet we hold it as a cautious optimism. So when we featured one track from Tanko’s EP, and then another post detailing the EP further it was clear that this submission was not just a one off of goodness. Now this Exclusive, a little sampling of Barbara Streisand(!) with the Queen herself, Nina Simone, narrating throughout, you have some eclectic mashing of some iconic women all into and within Tanko’s great chill beat style.

One thing that is definite is that this tune, while he spent a lot of time on this track, this is just a sliver of what he has to offer. He’s been busy outside of this tune as well. He’s got plenty of tunes he’s working on, have close to finished and sketches he’ll be fleshing out further as well. So get to know Tanko (Soundcloud, Facebook), if you haven’t already and enjoy this tune he was gracious enough to let us host as an exclusive.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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