So Safe In Asa’s And Koan Sound’s Sanctuary

Koan Sound Asa SanctuaryWhat is music without beauty, or beauty without music?  There are those who find beauty in throbbing bass and metallic screechings, or the repetitiveness of the song’s beat as the melodies flow in and out, but then you have music that just personifies beauty like this EP from Koan Sound and Asa.  ‘Sanctuary’ brings together two artists that might seem to be as different as say, Culprate and Sun Glitters, but this EP shows that whoever morphed their sound the most, it all works so so well.  And lest you think all vestiges of past greatness are missing, sample the Koan Sound drums  and a slight hint of wobble in the third track, or the entirety of the 4th track, ‘Fuego’.  And for Asa, check the wonderful string arrangements (and a lot of violinist Alicia) in ‘Sanctuary’, and piano work in ‘Starlite’.  And wouldn’t it be delicious if a section you think is one producer is actually the other?  It happens to me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens here as well.

Check your preconceptions at the door and just sit back and enjoy this wonderful EP that is as beautiful as it is technical, so producers and fans can enjoy equally.  In a truly simplistic view of the EP, the first two tracks are mostly Asa, the last two are mostly Koan Sound and the 3rd track is a healthy combination of both.  Obviously that’s not how it all shook out in the studio as there is plenty of work by the three on all of the tracks, but for fans of one or the other, they have their parts of the EP to enjoy.  I truly hope, though, that fans of one become fans of the other as these are three very very talented producers.

So cop the EP HERE, and enjoy it to the fullest. Asa and Koan Sound deserve massive props for their work and their output. This is one of those EP’s that will last beyond the next two months, two years, or whatever. This EP has substance and will not twinkle out after just a bit like many of the disposable tracks of today do or will.

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