Robot Koch & Susie Suh Making Magic

robot koch here with meRobot Koch to me can do no wrong.  Not only are his productions flawless, but his consistency is spot on.  He’s the guy that when you hit ‘Play’ you know you’ll be getting loveliness waft into your earholes and this tune with Susie Suh (Soundcloud, Facebook) does not disappoint. The piano and the echoing voals of Suh, intertwine and meld while the synthy sweeps build in the background supporting the spare, but powerful beat. Cinematic is a word that comes to mind as it could be used in any sort of emotional scene, or montage. But this tune doesn’t need visual to work. This tune builds those visuals all it’s own when you close your eyes and let the music envelop you like a warmed blanked after a cold shower. It’s unreleased and lovely, and available for streaming because Robot Koch (Soundcloud, Facebook) is the man.

So check it, love it and look out for it when it officially drops.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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