Pigeon Hole Levels Up To Beast Mode

Pigeon HoleHoly hot damn, it’s Thursday afternoon. For those on their way home or those trying to power through the remainder of their work day, you just might need some pre-Friday raging music. When I say rage, I don’t mean facemelting computer noises and throwin bows at everyone you see, but rather the responsible raging with office chair dancing, train seat head bobbing or full on steering wheel bongo assault in the car. This mix from the homies of Pigeon Hole is just that mix for whatever you’re trying to accomplish this Thursday afternoon. If you’re one of the fortunate ones who will be partying, well this is your soundtrack.

When it comes to fun music, Pigeon Hole does it to you in two ways. Original production and remixes, and mixes…ok THREE ways. We’ve given you a mix of theirs before, and this one, done for the great people of Level4PR, follows that same vibe of fun, get down jams. Featuring a lot of great artists we’ve posted before, there’s a lot we haven’t, and even an unreleased Pigeon Hole (Soundcloud, Facebook) remix thrown in there to boot!


So jam this one, enjoy it fully, then hit replay.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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