Pascaal Is So Fragile

PAscaal FragileWhen you discover a new artist whose sound is great, that’s exciting.  When you find out that artist is located in your own backyard, well then that’s really exciting, if not a little embarrassing.  That’s the state of electronic music these days, though.  Your neighbor, boss, little sister of your best friend could be a producer of considerable talent and you’d not know.   That’s what has happened here with Pascaal, from Austin by way of Michigan has dropped his second EP Fragile off of the Dutch label, Vresh.  And after hearing ODESZA’s lovely EP last month, Ambassadeurs’ EP yesterday, this one goes right alongside in my list of current favorites.

This four track EP takes you through a lovestep trip that employs sensible and minimal sample usage, but has been placed and manipulated so well that it’s all you need. The dripdropping percs and synth work make it more of a happy affair, and less a brooding experience as some of our friends in France like to employ (which is not a bad thing at all). The four tracks are now available for your consumption so do so, pick up the EP (HERE) and do the followings of Pascaal (Soundcloud, Facebook) forthwith!

Pascäal – Fragile (Out september 16th) by Vresh

Drowning in you by Pascäal

I like the way you talk by Pascäal

Pascäal – Cheated (Fragile) – VLP1301 by Vresh

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