MAU and PANAMA Fulfill Our Indie Dance Jones

MAU Safari Entrepeneur PArt 2We have our indie side as it shows in the many many indie remixes by electronic artists. Sometimes those indie artists are so indie we don’t even know about them. But there are a few we DO know about and we love, and who have recently put out some good good tunes.

MAU is one of a few Portuguese artists we follow and he’s so much more than just a producer from far off lands. MAU has an album coming and if you’ve followed his sounds on the blog, you know this to be true. This tune is that slow grinding goodness that has you dancing in the middle of the dancefloor with yourself, with a stranger, or with your friends in a sultry dervish.

MAU – Safari Entrepreneur Part 2 by M.A.U.

Then there’s PANAMA, those Aussie badasses who first showed up on our radar early last year as Inbox gems. An inbox submission that shone out as one of those rare but exciting examples of how the submission process can and does work. This tune, Always, is off of a new EP (HERE) that starts off with piano and vocals making you take your lighter out before the beat comes in. And then when the beat starts thudding its way into your bones, your feet go from tapping to jumping in less than 30 seconds. It’s a great tune off of a great EP, and when that EP is a Pay What You Want deal, well it’s a no brainer.

Panama – Always by future classic

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