Lovin Them MS MR Bones

MS MR (Ianborg PRFFTT SVyable Remix)So MS MR, the musical act that for awhile (before Miley, Drake, and Lorde) was a hot remix recipient, has resurfaced. From back before it was hip to be remixing MS MR, Ianborg started one himself. Then a huge home improvement project sprung up and knocked him off the grid for a few months. With the project now completed, he dusted off the remix, handed it to the homies PRFFTT and Svyable to see if they could do anything with it. What they did was add the tinkling pianos, the crunchy breakdown at around the 3 minute mark and other assorted bass and wobbles. Taking the foundation that Ianborg had laid over the fantastic MS MR vocals, these three came up with such a great tune.

Ianborg was just mentioned last month for his work with the Bronze Whale dudes, and he’s still churnin out goodness, with an exciting project soon to be announced as well. This tune, though is just one of those great refits of an already great original and I for one am glad they all combined forces to take on MS MR, who I have quite the soft spot for.

So check the tune, give Ianborg a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook) and show everyone involved some love!

MS MR – Bones (Ianborg x PRFFTT & Svyable Remix) by Ianborg

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