K Theory Is So Much Trouble

K Theory has evolved quite a bit since we first posted them way back in the day. They’ve gone through some phases I haven’t always felt them on, but we’ve always followed them. Not only are they really great guys, but they’re talented as hell and whatever they produce, even if it is a vibe or genre I don’t really mess with, I know it’ll be good. Recently, though, they have embarked on a course that includes a rapper/vocalist to front their K Theory Live events and in some of the studio tracks too. THIS, I really like. Malcolm Anthony is the name and he’s adding an element that brings the production of K Theory to a whole new level. Now, I just need to see them live!

This tune here includes Anthony with pitched singing and rap, a great piano progression and bass that always accompanies any K Theory track. This one shows that for those to see them live, they’re in for a treat. So get onto this tune and check out the video that accompanies the tune. Shot at the wonderful Red Rocks venue, the tune and visuals just make you so amped to 1) get to Red Rocks and 2) to see K Theory for yourself.

But in the meantime, enjoy the tune in your earholes!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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