Jeftuz, Druid Cloak, and Stwo Know You Need Chill

JeftuzJeftuz, Stwo, and Druid Cloak give us that chill we’ve been looking for to start us out on this gray Friday morning. This weekend is going to be great, filled with good music, good friends and great times, but we have to get through the workday first. Chillin out while doing this is essential, and the dudes we’ve been following for so long have given us their selections to make it easier on us.

So while these guys ALL deserve their own post with many words extolling how good their tracks and they are, you’ve heard it already, so just enjoy the music and enjoy those free downloads!

That Vibe. by Jeftuz

BASECAMP – Emmanuel (Stwo Remix) by stwo

Druid Cloak – Emerald Aura – OUT NOW via SYMBOLS by Druid Cloak

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