heRobust Knows He’s Bad

HeRobust is a jerk sometimes. I mean he knew Waxhole HQ was out at festivals all weekend and he STILL dropped a new fire tune on us. How inconsiderate!

Joking of course, but yes, while Waxhole was away, there was much fire dropped and this tune from heRobust off of his upcoming EP on SMOG Records is just that kind of fire we’re all over.

This one harkens back to the Throw That EP he released just a few months ago, but this one is a little harder, a little more stanky and like everything he does, full of awesome. Whenever he throws brass into the equation, I’m bought and paid for, and this one does that even if in small doses. The vocal will stick in your head as you roll through your house, dorm, or office making everyone turn around and look at you funny, but who cares when you’re jammin out to this tune., And when you see a bad bitch out and about, this song will automatically trigger and you’ll have the soundtrack to watching her strut around with all of her other bad friends.

This tune is out on Beatport now, and the EP will also be available for purchase so I say go and get after it. If you’re a little iffy on dropping coin for this, just remember the loads and loads of free tunes heRobust has dropped for you all and it makes the decision to purchase and support so much easier.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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