Gladkill Gives Us Some Jams

For those who love Gladkill’s music, but couldn’t make it to a show recently, he did you all a solid.  For those who have seen him live recently and really wish you could recreate his bad-ass set in your headphones or in your car, he’s done us all a solid as well.  And for those who have no idea who the hell Gladkill is, well this is a wonderful iontroduction to what he is all about.  This minimix clocking in just over 30 minutes has a ton of Gladkill originals, and remixes, most of which are unreleased.  So not only are you getting a good dose of Gladkill musics, you’re also getting a good glimpse of the tunes that he loves, and is inspired by, and from Waxhole favorites like Ta-ku, GANZ, Bedrockk, and fwdslxsh.

So get your fill, love, and get busy, because this mix is so perfect for whatever candlelit moves you tend to do on a random Thursday night.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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