Gettin Down With That Orikami Sound

Orikami has presented themselves to our humble blog for consideration, and upon repeated listens, it’s clear that their sound warrants not only serious consideration, but posting so you all can hear their sounds. A duo out of the southeast (TN or GA?) is starting to put themselves on the map for a remix group. But wait a minute, they have original stuff too? And it’s quite good as well? Well hot damn, this duo is certainly ones to watch. After chatting a bit with one of the duo, they have a lot coming to our ears soon, so give them a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook) and enjoy!

This OMN remix, though, is one of those that catches you from the first minute and holds your attention all the way through and you scramble for your Repeat button.

And as a bonus, check an older original tune that is as dreamy as the remix!

OMN – Betwixt (Orikami Remix) by Orikami

Dead In The Water by Orikami

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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