GEMS, BloodCultures and IYES Have Me Digging Dream Pop(?)

BloodCulturesDream Pop, huh?  That’s a thing?  I guess I can see it, but hot damn, I’d hate to call these three tunes below ‘Pop’, even if those who produce it classify it as so.  Or maybe, I just dig the sound and the term ‘Pop’ goes against the grain of my very being.  Whatever the case, if liking Dream Pop by virtue of these tunes is bad, then I don’t wanna be right. But really..genre’s…I never could play that game very well.

So yeah three tunes from GEMS, IYES, and Blood Cultures, who at one song on Soundcloud is batting 100% in terms of Bangers Per Upload Percentage. I’m sure with more tunes these talented producers will get more time on here. Until then, enjoy and let’s all get comfy in our skin about digging on that Dream Pop.

Medusa by ▼ ▲ GEMS ▼ ▲

Indian Summer by Blood Cultures

Glow (demo) by IYES

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