Eagles For Hands And His Juicy Peaches

Eagles For Hands, people.  If you don’t know, get to know.  This very talented producer out of Brighton has recently released a great EP (buy it HERE) by the name of Lisbon, and of which I’ve attached a few of my favorite tracks below.  But today belongs to a new free track he dropped which seems to be either a cast-off from Lisbon, or a tune that was started and never finished until now.  Whether cast-off or cutting room floor material, I’m really glad he’s decided to release it to us, his adoring fans.

this tune gives us that vocal chop with synth line that just makes us happy as fuck to be alive and having a good pair of headphones attached to our head.  The perc dippledops also add to the enjoyment and while this track may not have fit the Lisbon EP feel, it’s certainly a tune worth releasing SOMEwhere!

So enjoy, grab the download and follow Eagles For Hands (Soundcloud, Facebook) for more goodness!
Peaches by Eagles For Hands

Peaks by Eagles For Hands

Blushed by Eagles For Hands


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