Dutch Masters Doing It Again

When Wantigga, Subp Yao, and Boeboe released tunes within the same week, it was like a confluence of future beat, future trap, future soul, and future drill(?).  Unlike nature when a confluence of just about anything spells trouble for us puny humans, in the music world it’s awesome when this happens!  And that’s what we had here quite randomly when Wantigga fired off the first shot with his funky fresh fly remix of Frank Ocean’s tune ‘Pink Matters’.

Lilting and sliding guitars lead off the tune, setting the stage for Ocean’s unadulterated vocals to chime in.  Then once we’ve heard the smoothness, Wantigga takes us down the broken alleyway of vocal chops, broken beats and a poppin bass in the background, before we emerge back onto the serene boulevard that is guitars and Ocean’s voice.  With Wantigga’s flippant description of the tune that ‘it was just laying around” intimates that he has been withholding this beauty from us!  Whatever the case, it’s here, it’s fantastic and it’s worth the repeat listen.  Wantigga (Soundcloud, Facebook) continues to rule those funky smooth vibes.


Pink Matters by Wantigga

Then while we were busy getting over our funky euphoria from Wantigga’s joint, Boeboe (Soundcloud, Facebook) went and dropped a mix of his upcoming EP (out on October 18th).  This trap, bass concoction is one of those tunes that makes you question, just what is your perception of trap and/or bass if this tune can be lumped into the same conversation.  Future Beats works, I guess, since the term ‘Future’ has come to be the catch-all term for anything we don’t really comprehend at the moment.  My comprehension of this tune, though, is that it’s bad-ass, and it makes my mouth water for the EP to drop.  Check it out and keep your eyes peeled for the EP dropping on Basserk Records.

Boeboe – Buy Sell Bye Cell (BASSERK00092) by Boeboe

Then there’s the homey, Subp Yao, who popped this remix of Koloah’s tune using some of that industrial grade drilling to get this remix really bangin’.  seeing how Koloah is bad-ass, and Subp Yao is bad-ass, well this remix just makes so much sense. Subp is always bending genres to his will, and this drilling whilst layin’ the big beats is just another example of how well he fucks with your mind, and making you enjoy it all the while. Give that follow to Subp Yao (SoundcloudFacebook) and look out for some newness from him in the very near future!

Koloah – Next Mutation (Subp Yao Edit) FREE DL by Hyperboloid Records

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