CloZee Assassinates Us All


It’s no secret that we have loved everything that CloZee, (Soundcloud, Facebook), puts out, with good reason. You would be hard pressed to find a more talented producer who is innovating sound and not just copying the hype. So when the French phenom teamed up with our Austin Texas hometown record label Gravitas Recordings (Soundcloud, Facebook) we couldn’t have been happier. Oh wait, yes we can. After listening to the The Poetic Assassin EP our post sonic bliss is simply unbridled.

This EP is full of the signature sound you have come to expect from CloZee. Glitchy half time percussion, other worldly soundscapes, bold bass, and a collection of melodic ethnic instruments to carry you though to the other side. However, even more refined than usual. A CloZee fan will definitely be excited to hear a progression of tones and talent in this EP.

All of this CloZee goodness is available from the Gravitas Bandcamp for a “Pay What You Want” release. While that does include the price of free, I would highly encourage you to donate what you can. Even at a dollar per song the EP comes out cheeper than a biggie size combo meal but is a lot more lasting and enjoyable.

Unwritten Pages (feat. The Calm Project)

The Poetic Assassin

Lantern Dance (feat. Swal)

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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