CESRV With That 5 AM Chill (Waxhole Exclusive)

CESRV 5 AMThe scene in Brazil is about to explode. One of the hotspots is in Sao Paolo where this dude CESRV is based out of. You might remember a post about this beat-maker and his EP from a few months ago, and now in advance of a new EP coming out on Beatwise Records, a collective of like-minded and like-awesome producers from Sao Paolo (like SANTS), he’s given us here a nice chill beat to set the mood. For those who like to see a beat executed live, check out the video HERE.

The tune’s title sets the mood, 5 AM, and the vibe fits that setting so well. It’s either a lullaby, or a great way to conclude a night out chilling with friends and a comfy futon. The picture I have of this tune is rollin through empty city streets as the city wakes up around you, lights flickering off as the sunlight peeks over building eaves and through gaps in the trees, with the morning chill still clinging to the air before the sun starts to exert it’s warm presence. Whatever scene or vibe you get from it, this tune is a great way to just vibe out to.

Once again, CESRV has an EP coming out, so follow him (Soundcloud, Facebook) and keep up to date with not only his upcoming sounds but peep out his past sounds. He knows what he’s doing and his beats are so so good.

CESRV – 5 AM (Waxhole Exclusive) by Waxhole

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