Carling Ruse Belongs Together With You

Have I got a tune for you all to get going to.  Sure it’s Tuesday night and not much happens on Tuesday nights, but when this hot number hits, well, that all just might change.  When this tune hits your speakers, DVR’s pause, keyboard tapping stops, game controllers stop clicking, and your partner perks up their ears to see just what the sex is coming from the other room is all about.  Soon the electronics, tv, or homework is forgotten and you’ve successfully wooed your girl or guy into whatever shenanigans you were lookin for.

The tune in question here, is by Carling Ruse, who is one of those chill producers that seems to just ooze goodness.  Forming 1/2 of the Power Duo of Ruse and Ruddy (sounds like a buddy sitcom if I ever heard one), ruse was producing goodies on her own and continues to do so on her own.  Taking Mariah Carey’s vocals and chopping them to fit ruse’s own format and feel, you just get a full glimpse of the source inspiration with a few beltings of the chorus, but that’s it.  Everything else Mariah is shrouded behind Ruse’s wonderful 808 laced beats and synthy melodies. It’s a great tune and released under Sunday Records for your enjoyment HERE.

Listen, enjoy, cop it, and show Carling Ruse (Soundcloud, Facebook) some love. She’s one of those consistent producers of goodies that never disappoints.

And as a bonus check out this remix of hers from a few days back

Sweet Love by Carling Ruse

Wale Ft. Tiara Thomas-BAD (Carling Ruse Remix) by Carling Ruse

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