Cain Does It Again With Mora

Here at Waxhole we have tons of artists that we follow who are as open and accessible as their music is awesome.  Then there are others we love who are closed books and nothing much is really known about them.  EP’s drop and if we aren’t keeping an eye out, we’ll surely miss them.  Cain is one of those producers for us.  While he’s enigmatic, the music is always great and keeps us looking out and sending out those homing pigeons.

Releasing an EP off of Fine Grains Records (HERE) for a paltry 6 quid, this Mora EP from Cain, who we first noticed back in January is one of those dark, rumbling works that keeps you interested throughout.  The fact that each tune is a bit different from each other in the tempo’s, vibes, and samples, but the overwhelming theme of greatness persists.  Whether footwork, bass, afrobeat or house, the tunes convey a sense of tribal, ethnic, and somewhat primal essence that comes through not only with the samples, but with the beats and the minimal synth work that weaves it’s way in and out with a synergetic ease that defies the difficulty of producing it.

Five tracks in all, (4 originals and one remix) get you really buying into the mysterious producer known as Cain.  This EP, and the Biblical figure of Cain add to the mystery, and I’m loving it.

Keep an eye out on this Cain guy (Soundcloud, Facebook) and help us track him down when newness drops, yeah?

Durga by Cain’s music

Blainn by Cain’s music

Shipwright by Cain’s music

Mora by Cain’s music

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