Boeboe Goes Basserk

So last week we teased Boeboe’s EP coming out on Basserk Records with his teaser and it was one of those EP mixes that made you lick your lips in anticipation for some goodness.  And toay the EP dropped and now it’s worth the full, uninterrupted listening enjoyment you will devote to it.  You will, because I have and we both know you love sub heavy, syrupy synth melodic bass.  This EP is 5 tracks that go from rumblin your subs to lilting you into a lush sense of chill out, before rumbling your subs again bringing you back down to earth to get down as far as your knees will allow.

You will get trap, you will get bass, you will get chill out and you will get overall dopeness with this release.  I’ve posted my three favorite, but check out the EP in full, grab it, love it and give Boeboe a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook).  he has some exciting stuff in the works!

BoeBoe – Negative Roi by basserk

BoeBoe – Yeah Right by basserk

BoeBoe – Denim by basserk

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