Last Japan Goes Dark With Adian Coker

Ohh Last Japan.  Where have you been?  Some artists put out music on the regular, some on the semi-regular and some, like Last Japan just don’t do it regularly enough.  When he dropped his tune ‘Girl’ I was hooked for the long term and while that track is no longer on his Soundcloud page, it is still my favorite of his.  Maybe he’s rebranding himself, looking at the house side of music, but whatever the case he is still a very good musician, whatever the genre he chooses.

So while I pine for the sounds that got me hooked, he’s dropped a great remix of an Adian Coker tune which harkens back to those earlier days of the vibes.  While this tune is a darker journey than some of his earlier works, it works oh so well.  It’s a great track that borders on grime, but doesn’t delve into that genre and stays dark and melodic.

Lovin the tune and still lovin the producer whenever he surfaces.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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