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Roses+It doesn’t seem that long ago when we first brought you Last Night In Paris, back in February, because I’ve still been jamming their tunes on the regular. Then when they started teasing Roses+, an addendum to their already stellar 11 track album, I got excited all over again. These five tracks follow in the footsteps of the original Roses album and involves both rappers and sultry vocals all overlayed by impeccable production that effortlessly shifts from sexy, to dark without notice. I mean, their Outro’s are as solid as their meatier tunes, which is rare.

The production never loses with LNIP and I find it like Christmas any time they drop something new. As with all of their productions, the music comes first and the visuals come soon after. Look out for those videos to drop and in case you missed ’em the first time, subscribe to their Youtube so you don’t miss any more. And follow them elsewhere (Soundcloud, Facebook) so you can check their past stuff and be first in line for the new joints.

And because LNIP does things the FREE way, they’ve made this EP available for Free HERE, so get after it while it’s hot, and enjoy fully.

Own Me (Collard, KC & Taurean Roye) by Last Night In Paris

•••• by Last Night In Paris

Cøcaine (KC & Collard) by Last Night In Paris

彼は家に帰って来る (Katya Des-Etages & Taurean Roye) by Last Night In Paris

Paris Army (Taurean Roye, Collard & Danny Seth) by Last Night In Paris

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