Xian And Gaszia Continue Making Gold

Xian and Gaszia, two great dudes out of the Salt Lake valley in Utah, have paired up once more to produce some great stuff in the form of a Split EP off of Dusty Records. I was lucky enough to see their first show as a duo, and their partnership has grown past tinkering and beat exchanges. These guys are making great musics together and I hope they don’t stop.

The EP at hand, though, Feel//You, features Xian original tune ‘Feel’ and then a Gaszia remix, as well as Gaszia’s original tune You, with Xian returning the remix favor. You might be thinking, Gaszia, why does that name sound familiar? Well that would be because he just released his own great chilled out EP (HERE) last week off of Damn Son Records. So yeah tyou have four tunes with Xian and Gaszia’s fingerprints all over them and if you’re a fan of the chilled out goodygoodness well then you’ll quite enjoy this one. ¬†You also might be plumbing the depths of your brainpan because Xian also sounds familiar.

So do the followings of Gaszia (Soundcloud, Facebook) and Xian (Soundcloud, Facebook) since there are big things coming for them both.

Xian – Feel by Dusty Records (Official)

Gaszia – You by Dusty Records (Official)

Gaszia – You (Xian Remix) by Dusty Records (Official)

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