We Love It When Bronze Whale Says It

Bronze Whale has a new one out and while that is exciting news, there is an even better sub-thread to pay attention to. The fact that this tune is greatness should come as no surprise to those who follow the duo from Austin. But what is something that should get you a little more excited is that this one is an original, from just them, no collaboration partners, nothing but them. We’ve been hearing that there is an EP in the works and if this is a prelude to that, then we are all lucky and now we’re salivating for more.

But, to the song at hand, it’s another melodic nugget of gold in the sparse landscape in this genre. It employs the vocals of one of the BW dudes and using their pitched down/up manipulations it takes on a whole new flavor.

As summer winds down, this one should top your playlist of summer jams as this one fits well in any situation summer might provide. Poolside, road trips, and backyard bonfires all fit the bill as great venues for this intimate and beautiful tune. Getting the vibe right is hard to do and they do it every single time.

So yeah, check this tune out, follow the guys (Soundcloud, Facebook) and let’s all get ready for some more originals!

Bronze Whale – Say It

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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