TYR, L&O, Applesawc and Cheapshot Are Fun, Ya’ll

When good friends and fam drop new stuff on you, you take extra care to perk up those ears. And the past few days have seen a few of these drop, much to our delight, and we’re picking them up just as quickly as we can. The homey TYR, whom you know from many posts prior, has done the nice and chill with his signature bass to make some heavy club bangers without snapping your neck. Then comes Libations & Oscillations putting together a fun mash-up of everyone’s favorite Bubble Butt with the intense Kalya Scintilla. Following the fun mash-up, is a remix of Q-Tip’s iconic track ‘Breathe and Stop’ employing the summery synths as only he knows how, Cheapshot gives us a fun interpretation the Q-Tip classic. Then, is our homey from the south of Africa, Mr. Applesawc, with his dark (but still fun!) remix of Missy Elliott’s ‘Work It’. Fun tracks from the fam and straight to you are the free downloads.

Snap ’em up!

John Newman – Love Me Again (TYR Remix) by TYR

Major Lazer Vs Kalya Scintilla – The Way Of The Bubble Butt (Libations & Oscillations Retwerk) by Libations & Oscillations

Q-Tip – “Breathe & Stop (Cheapshot Remix)” by dj cheapshot

Missy Elliot – Work it (@MrAppleSawc REMIX) by @MrAppleSawc

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