Thriftworks’ Deviation Works So Well

Thriftworks, ladies and gentlemen.  Thriftworks is a word you all need to know, and if you already do, well then nothing more has to be said.  The very utterance of the word Thriftworks to those who know evoke either fawning admiration or for those who find his music a little too wonky for their tastes they almost always recognize and respect that his work is something to be admired even if it’s not to their taste.   For myself, I fall in the fawning admiration camp.  Always have loved his absolute different take on everything he does.  One of the quietest and most humble musicians of his caliber out there. His personality reminds me of Tipper or Lorn, and his work reminds me of…umm…well nobody’s really.  He is without peer and I am always so happy when a new joint of his drops.  A new EP, though?  It’s like Christmas!

Ok so enough of the fawning.  I forgot myself and that I’m supposed to be subjective or something…The EP at hand contains 7 tunes, 2 of which Thriftworks dropped in anticipation of the release a few weeks prior. You get all 7 of the tunes below, because y’know, I think you should listen to them all. For those uninitiated and adventurous, check out the tune ‘Untrue’ which starts out like a wonkatron beat and then morphs into such a beautiful composition you can’t remember how you got there and you don’t care. For those uninitiated and skeptical, check out the great tune ‘Someone’ featuring vocals from Oiel Poole and sounds like it could be a bossanova track just as easily as a soul tune. How does he do that?? As for my favorite tune and the one I think represents the EP so well is ‘Fits The Bill’, which he dropped last week. It includes the quintessential random samples weaving in and out of the eastern flute sample, Thriftworks’ own production and then some vocals added in to bring it all together. Such a great great tune and a crown jewel in the midst of diamonds.

So yeah, check these tunes out, and get to know Thriftworks for the first time or even more than you already had. Available as a PWYW deal (HERE), it’s worth every penny you deem worthy to send to him. It truly is a majestic album from all sorts of angles. Wonky, soulful, chill, bass heavy and beats, ohhhh the beats.

Fits the Bill by Thriftworks

Someone ft. Oriel Poole by Thriftworks

Feeding Time by Thriftworks

The Touch by Thriftworks

Untrue by Thriftworks

Nanometer by Thriftworks

Metal Tho by Thriftworks

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