Three Pack Of Smooth For Your Sunday

Sexy Sundays is an informal series of ours and we have posted some really smooth jams in past Sundays, if I do say so myself.  Today’s post isn’t solely for the smooth sexy vibe, though. This is more to do with good vibes.  Three tunes below, with two of them coming from friends of the blog, and one coming from a compilation from a series (STYLSS Suicide Pacts) that is loved by the blog.  Andrea laid down this tune last week which I missed, but luckily he alerted me to the fact and now here it is.  Sorry it doesn’t still have the fresh from the oven smell, but what does that matter when it’s still so fresh?  Then we have Age reform with a Ciara remix that if this doesn’t get you goin, well then we’ll have to get the defibrillator shock paddles after you.  Then following those two we have a 90’s bounce feel of Toni Braxton, who was sexy as shit back in the day, from the homey SevnthWonder from his new and exciting  (and more formal than ours) series Sevnth Sundays  where he gives away a track every Sunday.

Three tunes from three familiar sources make this Sunday a great way to close out the week…or start it, however you want to spin it.

Over by Andrea


Toni Braxton – Breathe (SevnthWonder Bootleg) [SevnthSundays #002] by SevnthWonder

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