Stylust Beats Wants You To RYFSO

Saturday with the summer winding down and festival season all but concluded, you can get a little melancholy. But when festy season ends, your city gets flooded with touring acts and it seems like every weekend there’s a show you want to see. Saturday’s leading up to a night out are always so tedious. Even when laying by the mool, fitting in a round of golf, or just sitting in and recovering from the Friday noight before, it’s always just subtley counting the minutes until you get to the show later that night. So let us here set the mood and make counting the minutes a bit easier. Stylust Beats, out of San Francisco, provides the soundtrack to get you hyped, to continue the party from Friday or start the party a little earlier. A free album even, that incorporates west coast bass, trap, glitch, big beats and the general vibe of partying whenever, wherever.

Ten tracks of absolute hyphy quality exhibit why this guy whether behind a DAW or on stage can turn any party out. Oh and the title of the album, RYFSO? Stands for rip Your Fucking Sleeves Off. If that doesn’t forewarn that things are about to get hot and messy, then I don’t know what else would. And really, hot and messy is just like how we like it, isn’t it? But wait a minute. Just as the track ‘Baby I’m a Pro’ concludes and you’re hanging from the chandelier the next couple of tracks come in introducing sexyness and some darkness making you come down from rafters, and get dark and grimey grindin (Sex Music anyone?). Which is probably for the best because your arms were getting tired of hanging around anyway.

These style shifts happen all throughout the 10 tracks of the album, alternating between absolute funked out bangers to slow burn hotness, and makes you enjoy the album even more. I love alternating styles in an album and Stylust does it so so well. And really, when your tunes feature artists the likes of King Fantastic, Emotionz, Shinji, Saratonin, Wick-It The Instigator and JLeon, well you’re bound to get differing genres all in the same vein of quality as you see. The closing track with Saratonin shows that even though Stylust can get down dirty and grimey, he can also do beautiful.

Below are four of my favorites, but when there are ten total? Well you know you gots some listening and loving to do. And go download the album for your own personal growth and wellness.

Stylust Beats & JLeon – Baby Im A Pro! by Stylust Beats

Stylust Beats Ft. Emotionz – Maybe I’m Dreamin’ by Stylust Beats

Stylust Beats Ft. King Fantastic – Go Dummy by Stylust Beats

Stylust Beats – Power Surge by Stylust Beats

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